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Practice Your Craft


Bill Woolley  has  been  practicing  his turning for three years...he  works  every  day  in  his  shop,  honing  his  skills  and  his  sensitivity  to  design.  He  sells  his  work,  from  his  home,  all  across  the  USA.

Young and  old  Vernonians  who  want  to  learn  this  skill  sign  up  to  get  lessons  from  Bill. There  is  no  charge  for  the  lessons  or  materials,  Grants  pay  for  our  supplies.  Together  we are the building blocks of  Vernonia’s Artisan Community. 

Teach Others New Skills


Mentorship...Pass  It  On

We teach any  of  our members, age 14 to 92, how to do our crafts  -  from flower arranging to card making  to  photography,  whatever  we  can  from  A to  Z.  We  share our skills  within  our   Community.  This  is  our  Mission  as  a Nonprofit:  Pass on  our abilities  and build  a genuine  Arts  Guild  and  Community  In  Vernonia.

This  type  of  teaching,  within one’s  village, is  as  old  as  art  itself.

Membership  costs  $5  a  year.


Create Community


Beadwork  is an  art  of  the  Hands,  the  Heart  and  The  Mind.  Whatever  medium  we  work in, all craft begins in the eyes  of  the  imagination.  

Our  Melissa Ellis  makes  jewelry  and  friends thru her  decor  for  the  home.  She  Is  currently  looking  for  a  gallery  to  represent  her  and  she’s  looking  for  someone  to  teach.  All  that’s required  is a  genuine  love for  beauty  and  a  willingness  to  grow  and devote  your  creative  self.  

Melissa’s  devotion  is  obvious!

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What is Our Common Good?

OCG is an Oregon nonprofit devoted to rebuilding community in small timber towns that have suffered due to historic changes in Oregon’s economic landscape. Vernonia’s Artisan Guild is a means of reconnecting through arts Mentorship.

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